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Homeward bound

It was really emotional to have to leave especailly as we all had bonded with so many people. Most of us were lost the first few weeks we got home but I am in contact by email and phone to some very close friends for life.

Going Home

reideerGoing home I don't think many were ready to go as we could have done with another week to relax and see a few more places. It certainly was a very busy emotional rollercoaster of a trip.

Anyway bright and early after our very late night out we were to head for the FIDH again at set intervals for the coaches, as before, to avoid queues. Oh the reindeer I took this pic in the garden of the house where smudge was staying. Once a matelot always a matelot nothing changes. Two days before it was a sheep and a reindeer. I did not even ask what it was about.

take offThe flight back was on a smaller plane but the journey was not too bad. We had to wait a while At MPA to take off the suitcases of one of our guys as he was too ill to travel. tha was the first delay so we were fed lunch at MPA which to be fair was very good and it gave us an insight into the complex. Thye picture on the right is at take off. Shortly after we took off we had an escort of two Tornado Fighters from MPA. The psicture below has been requested from me dozens of times from those that did not mange to get a picture of their own. I was told off (very nicely)with many others, say half the plane, for leaving their seat on take off to get cameras but it was worth it I think.


(Tornado on Port Wing as escort)

We spent a few hours in Rio this time and agin it was late at night with not a lot to see or do. Howver the plane had pleanty of food and drink and most of us tried the best we could to sleep but it ws difficult.

We eventually arrived at Gatwick later than expected. We took a few photographs of each other together and headed home. I headed back to Fareham with Alan, Smudge to Watford, Mark took the Pompey train and Wally and Nigel headed up North. Dave was headed back to Norway and had the biggest trip and another flight.

Its not over yet : This site is still work in progress there will be more photos and I will add some video clips. Watch this space.

Version: 19 March 2008