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Hookers Point

This is the area on the outskirts of Port Stanley where it is suggested that we have the memorial to the lads who gave their lives fighting the battle for freedom of the Falkland Islands on the 12 June 1982 when HMS Glamorgan took a direct hit from an Exocet missile.

Why this area :

Several members of HMS Glamorgan's ships company were in the Falklands for the 25th Anniversary of the conflict and all visited the area and all believe Hookers Point is by far the best area for a memorial, it as easy access, not far from Stanley, it has regular visits from tourists, it is a peaceful spot for any family members that might want to visit.

The actual launch area is not pretty, is derelict and unused where Hookers Point has an uninterrupted view of the gunline.

Below is a small video of Hookers Point so click for yourself and see.

actaul launch site

Above is where we taken by locals who say this was the actual launch site

launcher buried

Above is the actual Exocet launcher at the above site buried in the sand

Please note: Many Falkland Islanders are willing to support in spirit and financially any memorial we decide to build. Road access to Hookers point for one has been offered free of charge.

exocet launcher

The actual launcher that fired the Exocet at HMS Glamorgan

Below is the site that we were shown in Davis Street where the Argies parked the Exocet launcher. One is outside this house the other is the other side of the road marked with an opaque oval shape..

site 1

site 2

Items found whilst exploring Stanley

A couple of pics of items relating to HMS Glamorgan and I apologise for the newspaper cutting be innaccurate (ruddy media).


daily star

The front page of the Daily Star on the 14th June 1982 and a first day cover of the Glamorgan in 1990. A paper centrefold showing ships of the task force (HMS Glamorgan circled).

paper glam

There were a lot of newspaper clippings, old photos and other artifacts relating to the war were on display in a museum set up opposite the post office. The guy mainly dealt in first day covers.

Version: 19 March 2008